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Fra Lolland til Los Angeles

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With this blog, I invite you to follow my adventure as a film composer in Los Angeles -

Last 2014 update

Los Angeles Posted on Thu, December 25, 2014 19:57:07

Hi all, hope you had a Merry Christmas, and am ready to greet the coming year.

Now when done with USC, it’s time to pull up the sleeves, and do some serious work!

It should be no secret that I now am extremely proud of having this accomplishment hanging on my wall.

My summer was filled up with a great deal of projects before I began to get some more steady work, working for composer Christopher Young. In the mean time, I was able to collaborate with new as old friends on projects, such as the documentary movie “In God We Trust” by Rikke Louise Schjødt, which currently are studying to become a director at The New York University, Tish School of the Arts. We have before been working on her Danish award winning short movie “At Give Slip/To Let Go”, so it was with great joy, to collaborate with her agin. -I did also wrap up the score for the Sci-fi short “RAE” directed by Aaron Rovner which is a former USC student. We ended up recording the score with a string section, and blended it with some nice ambient electro elements. It should be in mix now, so hopefully it’ll be out very soon – I was also contacted by Danish director Søren Grau about doing the score for 2 of his movies, which is a part of a short film trilogy with the theme “Death”. The lovely posters can be seen below, “Inferno” and “Paradise”. Søren and I are currently working on his next movie!

I am also very excited to mention that the lead actress Sarah-Sofie Boussnina from the short movie “In Absentia” directed by David Metz, which I worked on as a composer, won the “Ekko Shortlist Award” for best lead actress. Ecco Shortlist the only interactive portal for Danish short movies, which each year award talents for their contributions. The movie itself was nominated in 3 categories, and I think there was no doubt that Sarah deserved this award! Good work –

Talking about Ekko shortlist, then I have just been mentioned to me, that the danish short movie “By The End of the Pier/For ended af molen”, have just entered the list. It’s directed by the Danish director Kasper Møller, which I previous worked together with, on his award winning debut short, “The Green Dog/Den grønne hund”.

Currently I am an assistant for composer Christopher Young (Spiderman 3, Drag Me To Hell, Hellraiser) and recently got upgraded as his teaching assistant when teaching USC classes. I’ve always been teaching music, so when proposed to do this, I was of cause very excited to get started. – As I have mentioned before, I kinda grew up with Chris’ music, so it’s a true joy, to be able to work for the man himself! His score for Hellraiser is definitely still one of my all time favorite!

It have also been a time to enjoy many concerts, meet the giants. If it was not for them, I would not have been here!

As Bruce said, this better get up on Facebook! Yes, perfect facebook moment! -In the middle of two giants, composer John Debney (Sin City, Iron Man 2, Spy Kids) and a very special guy which made me so much more of a confident orchestrator, the one and only, composer/USC teacher Bruce Broughton (Silverado, Tombstone).

Meeting Alexandre Desplat (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Girl with a Pearl Earring) together with composer friends

Concert at the Hollywood Bowl, a yearly tradition? Yes please!

Danny Elfman live with an orchestra, performing his songs from “Nightmare Before Christmas”. -Just mind-blowing!

Taking a break from a furious deadline just a couple of weeks ago, showing a friend from the Danish Film School around at USC – Back to deadline, orchestrating music to be recorded with 60 piece orchestra! That’s actually a really good way to end the year –

See you all in the coming year –


Los Angeles Posted on Mon, May 26, 2014 06:16:04

I Graduated from the USC SMPTV program a week ago, and can now look back at a milestone in my life, which always will mean the world to me. – To live and breath film music at so intense a level, is intoxicating, and you just end up with wanting more. Sure the program have been super intense, and could easily break your neck. But on the other side, Personally I’m not much of a thrill seeker, like in bungy jump, swimming with sharks and so on, I’ll do with getting my adrenaline high by doing this business!

Anyways, the last couple of months have been a vortex of handing out music, for a great deal of projects. Have had like 6 or 7 recording sessions, where one of them was our final project at USC. A recording session at Warner Brothers, with a 64 piece orchestra. That’s a lot of sound, and a lot of faces to wave your conducting stick in front of. – The day before I was scheduled for a double recording session at the John Williams Scoring stage at USC, recording the scores for two student movies. So one can say, I was in shape, when fronting the 64 piece orchestra. At the JW scoring stage sessions, I started out with a string trio, and moved up to a 10 pieces string section for the other session. Then directly back home, and prepare for the WB session the next day. –

Talking about student movies, which mostly are short movie, which then lets us move on to the subject of short movies, where I have some great news. The Danish short movie, “By The End Of The Pier/ For ended af molen” won, a couple of weeks ago, two awards at the Danish film festival Filmkraft 2014. This is my second movie I’ve been collaborating with director Kasper Møller on, and the first one we did together, did also win some awards, so we’re really happy. But the most cool thing is, that the movie which won the main award last year, at the exact same film festival, I did also score! It’s a small world –

Capitol Records

Recording session at Warner Brothers

Oscar Night

Los Angeles Posted on Sun, March 02, 2014 15:32:03

So! Today it’s all about the Oscars, let’s celebrate. I’m gonna hang with a great deal of my USC friends, and enjoy the show. It’s gonna be a blast! This year is a bit more special, than the latter, because we’ve got 3 Danish projects nominated. That’s a bunch, and I could not be more happy. – Crossing my fingers that the show will be memorable, and who ever which is going to win, hands us some interesting words and do crazy stuff. – As a last note! This year I’m only a couple of miles away from the red carped, one small step at a time, and all of a sudden. Hey!!! I might be on that carped! Why not, could be fun –

Am just returned from the Oscar party with my friends, and was very pleased that the Danish short film “Helium” won an award. I’m so happy about this, especially because one of the producers who was involved in this movie, is one of my friends which I’ve been working with a couple of times. It’s so pleasing to see hard working talent, make it’s way to the top like this, such an inspiration.

Have a good one friends!

Kasper Moeller

Los Angeles Posted on Mon, February 24, 2014 19:46:39

A couple of weeks ago, the city of Aalborg (Aalborg Kommune) in Denmark assigned director Kasper Moeller with a talent award, at the event “Best of Aalborg” (Aalborgs Bedste) for his works with movies and video instillation. As a composer I have had the pleasure of working with Kasper on two short movies, The Green Dog (Den groenne hund) which won an award at Oregon film festival in Copenhagen last year and on the movie By The End Of The Pier (For ended af molen).

I’m so happy about him getting this kind of recognition, which in my opinion is so well deserved. -You’ve got an obvious talent Kasper, keep doing what you do!


Los Angeles Posted on Mon, February 24, 2014 02:35:05

Note from the Danish department of Fulbright.

”Står du, eller en du kender, og skal på et studieophold i USA fra efteråret 2014? Danmark-Amerika Fondet & Fulbright Kommissionen uddeler legater til formålet, og for at få fingre i dem, skal man ansøge inden d.5. marts kl.12, så skynd jer ind på hjemmesiden og læs mere.”

To all of you danish people, please spread above message. -In my case, it was one of my colleagues at a music school in Denmark, where I previous worked as a guitar teacher, that notified me about the Fulbright foundation. Because I had USC in mind something like a year before applying, I was able to have a good talk about this grant with my him, and get some really good advises before applying. -As mentioned before, make sure to be well ahead when applying for grants.

Recording session

Los Angeles Posted on Sun, February 23, 2014 08:43:07

Today we had a recording session at The Bridge Recording with a small string and wood ensemble, plus a guitarist. We all had to do comedy cues, so it was pizzicato mayhem from start to finish. I enjoyed this session very much, and benefited of working together with class mate Jordan Cox as a conductor, so I could sit in the booth and produce the music. It’s the second time we work together, so we’re beginning to get a groove together. The session was lead by film composer Patrick Kirst, which have a great deal of experience in this genre, so it was a joy getting comments and doing revisions when composing the cue under his wing.

Besides that, I also finished a comedy horror short film, which had to have a Big Band song in the opening and end credits, to set the mood. This was a nice challenge! We recorded lead vocals in Hollywood, and the choir part was done in Denmark by one of my colleagues who is an up-and-coming pop singer, Cecilie Sadolin, which currently is studying at The Royal Academy Of Music in Denmark. – It’s in such cases that I feel so lucky, that I got friends and talented musicians all over the world, and if I need a specific sound, it’s just an email away. Cecilie was such a sweetheart, she was able to do her thing, on a day to day basis, which many times is the name of the game for me as a composer for this media. That’s also why I’m very into, that musicians have some recording facilities at their home, so they quick and easy can lay down some tracks. – Especially when doing demo tracks, you want to have at least one live musician, to breath some life into your synthstration. Then it can be to a big advantage to have such kind of network to benefit of.

Now I’m moving on to the next projects, which is two Sci-fi shorts. One a hand drawn animation another live action with a great deal of cgi.

Birthday present

Los Angeles Posted on Sat, February 15, 2014 21:58:49

The 10’th of feb I posted this on my Facebook –

“Ok – I just got the most amazing birthday present ever. Back in 1994, I did an animation on my Amiga, this animation was aired on Danish national television in “Troldespejlet”, which is a Danish television program that reviews and tells about upcoming films, video games, comics and books. That program is still alive, and in a recent “best of special” my shitty, but very creative animation was aired once agin. – LIKE A BOSS!!!”

Yes, my birthday is 10’th of feb, I actually share birthday with Jerry Goldsmith, freaking awesome. Jerry is the boss to me, my inspiration and for sure one of the reasons I like film music so much. But anyways – On my birthday, one of my long time friends from Denmark, got hold of me, and caught me by surprise, when he informed me, that he just had seen an animation i did for a TV program like 20 years ago. Did I know how to animate, no!, was the animation good, no!, but hey, I’m a creative person and I gave it a go, which was enough for it to get in national TV. –

As I write this, I’m kinda killing time, before I have to leave for an Elmer Bernstein Tribute concert, with the Golden-Pop Orchestra at San Pedro, which I’m I’m pretty exited about. Warmed up a bit a couple of days ago, by watching the Airplane movies, which for sure shaped my humor as a kid.

As a sidenote, I’m actually doing a symphonic intro for the all female German melodic metal band Arven, which they are going to use for their live tour in the future. This is a really cool assignment, especially because I’ve been a fan of that genre for years and years. So up the irons, and stay metal!

– Just got back home from the Elmer Bernstein concert, and man it was incredible. They did songs from Ghosbusters, The Ten Commandments, Animal House and many more movies which we all love so much. It was 100% eargasm to me. The sound, arrangements, melody, everything. Mr Bernstein’s son, Peter Bernstein conducted some of the songs, and as I before have mentioned in this blog, Peter did also came to USC and talked to us. director John Landis came and talked about his collaboration with Elmer. And to top it all, Director John Landis came and spoke a bit about his collaboration with Elmer.

“Hi, nice to meet you John” shaking hands with John Landis.

What a great evening –

Peter Bernstein – John Landis – conductor – Richard Kraft – Bear Mccreary

Falling In Love

Los Angeles Posted on Tue, January 28, 2014 03:11:48

It’s quite something to sit with a score, and just slowly fall in love with the music. For the past 5 hours, I’ve been studying Bernard Herrmann scores, and from the rather large pile of scores I grabbed “The Ghost And Mrs. Muir”. As I went more and more into the score, I just fell more and more in love with what my eyes was looking at. -When I watch a movie that I really like, I’m always very tempted to watch agin, immediately. Mostly I come to my senses, and realize that there’s no more than 24 hours a day, sleep is very healthy, you have to eat and also do a good day of work. Well, with this score, I just want to re-read it, but I won’t, because when I’m done, I probably just going to read agin. To hell with it, another day. But man, it’s a good score.

In the break, I went trough scores of Penderecki, now it’s Benny… What’s next! I actually think it’s going to be Wagner. When I think about it, it could be great to go trough some opera scores agin. It’s kinda where I started back in the days, when I began to study scores. The local library was lacking of scores, but had a great deal of Puccini, Mozard and so on. So when being a noob at reading scores, I learned to enjoy Madame Butterfly, Tosca and so on very quickly. In that period, I was heavily involved in writing musicals, and had the belief of, if I should be able to write the best symphonic rock musical ever, It would be helpful to study opera scores. Am not quite sure I gained much from it in that matter, but I learned to read scores, and had a lot of fun while doing it.

Yep, maybe my next study should be some opera scores.

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