I Graduated from the USC SMPTV program a week ago, and can now look back at a milestone in my life, which always will mean the world to me. – To live and breath film music at so intense a level, is intoxicating, and you just end up with wanting more. Sure the program have been super intense, and could easily break your neck. But on the other side, Personally I’m not much of a thrill seeker, like in bungy jump, swimming with sharks and so on, I’ll do with getting my adrenaline high by doing this business!

Anyways, the last couple of months have been a vortex of handing out music, for a great deal of projects. Have had like 6 or 7 recording sessions, where one of them was our final project at USC. A recording session at Warner Brothers, with a 64 piece orchestra. That’s a lot of sound, and a lot of faces to wave your conducting stick in front of. – The day before I was scheduled for a double recording session at the John Williams Scoring stage at USC, recording the scores for two student movies. So one can say, I was in shape, when fronting the 64 piece orchestra. At the JW scoring stage sessions, I started out with a string trio, and moved up to a 10 pieces string section for the other session. Then directly back home, and prepare for the WB session the next day. –

Talking about student movies, which mostly are short movie, which then lets us move on to the subject of short movies, where I have some great news. The Danish short movie, “By The End Of The Pier/ For ended af molen” won, a couple of weeks ago, two awards at the Danish film festival Filmkraft 2014. This is my second movie I’ve been collaborating with director Kasper Møller on, and the first one we did together, did also win some awards, so we’re really happy. But the most cool thing is, that the movie which won the main award last year, at the exact same film festival, I did also score! It’s a small world –

Capitol Records

Recording session at Warner Brothers