So! Today it’s all about the Oscars, let’s celebrate. I’m gonna hang with a great deal of my USC friends, and enjoy the show. It’s gonna be a blast! This year is a bit more special, than the latter, because we’ve got 3 Danish projects nominated. That’s a bunch, and I could not be more happy. – Crossing my fingers that the show will be memorable, and who ever which is going to win, hands us some interesting words and do crazy stuff. – As a last note! This year I’m only a couple of miles away from the red carped, one small step at a time, and all of a sudden. Hey!!! I might be on that carped! Why not, could be fun –

Am just returned from the Oscar party with my friends, and was very pleased that the Danish short film “Helium” won an award. I’m so happy about this, especially because one of the producers who was involved in this movie, is one of my friends which I’ve been working with a couple of times. It’s so pleasing to see hard working talent, make it’s way to the top like this, such an inspiration.

Have a good one friends!