Today we had a recording session at The Bridge Recording with a small string and wood ensemble, plus a guitarist. We all had to do comedy cues, so it was pizzicato mayhem from start to finish. I enjoyed this session very much, and benefited of working together with class mate Jordan Cox as a conductor, so I could sit in the booth and produce the music. It’s the second time we work together, so we’re beginning to get a groove together. The session was lead by film composer Patrick Kirst, which have a great deal of experience in this genre, so it was a joy getting comments and doing revisions when composing the cue under his wing.

Besides that, I also finished a comedy horror short film, which had to have a Big Band song in the opening and end credits, to set the mood. This was a nice challenge! We recorded lead vocals in Hollywood, and the choir part was done in Denmark by one of my colleagues who is an up-and-coming pop singer, Cecilie Sadolin, which currently is studying at The Royal Academy Of Music in Denmark. – It’s in such cases that I feel so lucky, that I got friends and talented musicians all over the world, and if I need a specific sound, it’s just an email away. Cecilie was such a sweetheart, she was able to do her thing, on a day to day basis, which many times is the name of the game for me as a composer for this media. That’s also why I’m very into, that musicians have some recording facilities at their home, so they quick and easy can lay down some tracks. – Especially when doing demo tracks, you want to have at least one live musician, to breath some life into your synthstration. Then it can be to a big advantage to have such kind of network to benefit of.

Now I’m moving on to the next projects, which is two Sci-fi shorts. One a hand drawn animation another live action with a great deal of cgi.