The 10’th of feb I posted this on my Facebook –

“Ok – I just got the most amazing birthday present ever. Back in 1994, I did an animation on my Amiga, this animation was aired on Danish national television in “Troldespejlet”, which is a Danish television program that reviews and tells about upcoming films, video games, comics and books. That program is still alive, and in a recent “best of special” my shitty, but very creative animation was aired once agin. – LIKE A BOSS!!!”

Yes, my birthday is 10’th of feb, I actually share birthday with Jerry Goldsmith, freaking awesome. Jerry is the boss to me, my inspiration and for sure one of the reasons I like film music so much. But anyways – On my birthday, one of my long time friends from Denmark, got hold of me, and caught me by surprise, when he informed me, that he just had seen an animation i did for a TV program like 20 years ago. Did I know how to animate, no!, was the animation good, no!, but hey, I’m a creative person and I gave it a go, which was enough for it to get in national TV. –

As I write this, I’m kinda killing time, before I have to leave for an Elmer Bernstein Tribute concert, with the Golden-Pop Orchestra at San Pedro, which I’m I’m pretty exited about. Warmed up a bit a couple of days ago, by watching the Airplane movies, which for sure shaped my humor as a kid.

As a sidenote, I’m actually doing a symphonic intro for the all female German melodic metal band Arven, which they are going to use for their live tour in the future. This is a really cool assignment, especially because I’ve been a fan of that genre for years and years. So up the irons, and stay metal!

– Just got back home from the Elmer Bernstein concert, and man it was incredible. They did songs from Ghosbusters, The Ten Commandments, Animal House and many more movies which we all love so much. It was 100% eargasm to me. The sound, arrangements, melody, everything. Mr Bernstein’s son, Peter Bernstein conducted some of the songs, and as I before have mentioned in this blog, Peter did also came to USC and talked to us. director John Landis came and talked about his collaboration with Elmer. And to top it all, Director John Landis came and spoke a bit about his collaboration with Elmer.

“Hi, nice to meet you John” shaking hands with John Landis.

What a great evening –

Peter Bernstein – John Landis – conductor – Richard Kraft – Bear Mccreary